New Transcriptions 2016
Check out some of my favorite drum performances on record so far for 2016.


"Trembles"-Alex Napping
Andrew Stevens--Drums
Very cool HH-TT combo at the end of the phrase.  I also love how Andrew brings the pattern back in the middle of the 2nd verse groove.   

"Too Late To Say Goodbye"-Cage The Elephant
Jared Champion-Drums

There's a lot of space between those kicks and snares.  The Hi Hat keeps it all together.  Start with alternating RLRL or LRLR.  Then try using RLRRLL or RLRLRR sticking on the HH.  

"Junk For Code"-Autolux
Carla Azar-Drums
I love the fast BD pattern and the open hi hats at the end of the phrase.  The cymbal sound reminds me of something Can might have recorded.  

"Vincent"-Car Seat Headrest
Andrew Katz-Drums
Awesome fills around the 4:26 mark. Blazing fast snare rolls. I love this song. Intoxicado!!! 

"Old Casino"-Coastgaard 
Brian D'Allessandro-Drums

The meter switches from 4/4 to 3/4 over and over again throughout this song, and the drums sound seamless.  Brian adds a gentle accent to the "&'s" at the end of the phrase right before the fill, which brings the band in to the next section.