I Would Die 4 U
Bobby Z.- Drums

It might be Hi Hat, might be synth playing the 16th.  Ive seen live versions with the drummer playing 16th on the Hi Hat.  Fast, driving, hand claps on a drum pad...this track isn't difficult rhythmically, but the tempo can be hard to keep up with for the entire song. 

I Wanna Be Your Lover

I love the simplicity and tightness of the 4 bar phrase here.  The drums are a driving force behind this dance hit. 

Marr Starr, Aaron Keith-- Drums
 The kick and snare are very consistent throughout, but the hi hat varies over the course of the song.  Here are 4 of examples with Hi Hat variations.  Try using double (RRLL, LLRR) or paradiddle stickings.   (RLRL LRLL) 

The snare is displaced to the & of 2 on this one.  I love the Cobham style fills later in the song, around 1:55.  

Sexy MF
Following in the tradition of James Brown's "Superbad", on this track the snare is played on the 1 and & of 2. 

Sign O' The Times
A fast kick drum, sparse HH pattern, and snare on the backbeat make up this groove.  Try adding the tambourine around  1:27.