12 Great Drum Tracks from 2015

I just did the My Year In Music thing on Spotify.  The bands I listened to most are Rylie Walker, Real Estate, and The Walkmen.  But I checked out lots of great new music released over the past 12 months.  Here's 12 great drum performances from 2015.  Tight syncopated grooves, linear electro tracks, jazzy improvisational pieces... Put on some headphones and play along with these tracks.  You can read along if you wish, or just click on the youtube link and dig it. 

Press play on the video player first, then click on the sheet music to enlarge. 

"Tell Them You Can't Leave"---The Amazing
Moussa Fadera, drums

Not your typical backbeat, but very groovy.  It feels like a modern take on a James Brown groove.   A quick 5 stroke roll leads off the fill to bring the band in.

"Sad Case"---El Vy

A straight ahead 7/8 groove, with a very cool open hi hat “bark” at the end of the phrase. Counting through the chorus and build can be a little tricky, but it appears to stay in 7/8.  


"Raising The Stake"---Speedy Ortiz
Mike Falcone-drums

    The open hi hats followed by the measure long fill is the defining characteristic of this drum track. 

    "Fruit Trees"---Matthew E. White

    A 16th note open hi hat pattern on top of a driving kick and snare pattern.  Drop the hi hat out for the verse and try to keep solid time without the hi hat as a timekeeper. 

    "Endless Rhythm"-Baio

    This is a repetitive, linear pattern that helps to develop independence. When the HH drops out of the verse, it becomes difficult to land the off beat kicks and snares.  Make sure to count 1+2+3+4+ to stay in time. 

    "Hanky Panky"- St. Germaine

    This one is a slow burner.  Settle in with the jazz pattern on the Hi Hat or ride.  When the kick and snare come in theres a slight shift in feel from swing to straight.   Be patient. 

    "Silhouettes"-Viet Cong
    Mike Wallace-drums

    This song is challenging in many ways:  the high speed 16ths on the HH, counting in 6/4, the rapid bass drum pattern.   This is one of my favorites songs of the year. Check out this live performance from KEXP.    
    "Future People"-Alabama Shakes
    Steve Johnson, Drums
      A deep, heavy pocketed track from The Alabama Shakes.  Simple, solid, spacious grooves. 

      "Voodoo Doll"-John Grant

      The interplay between the Kick, Snare and Hi Hat are especially difficult at this speed.  I love playing along to this track and trying to sound like a drum machine!

      "Dont Change For Me"- Nigel Hall
      Adam Deitch, drums

      A groove reminiscient of the Meters grooves.  Deep,driving, and funky.


      There are slight changes to the groove happening each measure.   Try starting off with this notated groove, and add some of your own improvisational flourishes as it goes along.  

      "Wind Up Bird"--Heartless Bastards
      Dave Colvin-drums

      A blistering drum track exploring different divisions of the beat, moving seamlessly through straight and triplet with blazing fast open rolls.  Tasteful virtuosity.  
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